iTeknik Holding Corporation

iTeknik Holding Corporation is a Wyoming Corporation that was incorporated in January 2007 and trades on Over-Counter Markets (OTC Pink: ITKH). The Company is currently engaged in an audit in order to uplift to the OTC QB market tier. iTeknik has an acquisition strategy that is centered in the Marketing, Advertising, Digital Media and other high-tech space. iTeknik is a holding company and lends its operational support and financial resources to those companies acquired. The goal is to help achieve revenue growth, increased earnings and optimal positioning in the marketplace. Currently iTeknik operates two wholly owned subsidiaries:

Big Rhino Corporation is a full-service advertising and digital media agency. Big Rhino excels in providing on-strategy, fast, precise and creative marketing solutions that get clients BIG results. Big Rhino has a nimble in-house creative team with a unique talent for delivering the highest quality creative. When combined with our completely integrated digital, interactive and media teams, clients have access to a strategic and responsive advertising machine. 

The Blender Company is an Arizona based multi-cultural focused advertising and digital media firm with long standing clients in the state and local government agencies. Blender has extensive minority business enterprise (“MBE”) experience. Blender holds government contracts and has significant potential to expand business within state and local government agencies in Arizona.
iTeknik Holding Corporation
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